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So where do you stand with the Church?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

I have been an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints my entire life. I’ve served in many callings including Elders Quorum President, Bishopric Counselor, High Priest Group Leader and Ward and Stake Clerk. I’ve paid a full tithe and attended the temple regularly. Giving this up was not an easy decision because I still believe the church has a lot offer.

Having said that, I feel that the church leadership has made a LOT of mistakes relating to the LGBT community. Much of what they pass off as revelation is no more than personal bias. I definitely have my issues and have turned a steely eye toward heaven more than once. Things are improving however as evidenced by a recent change to the church handbook of instructions which says, “Transgender members can: Attend church meetings and social events of the church, Be baptized and confirmed, Partake of the sacrament, Receive priesthood blessings and Use the pronouns and names they prefer in reference to themselves.”

The things that are off the table would be holding certain callings, attending the temple, and exercising the priesthood. This is not unprecedented and is something that I am totally okay with. In the early days of the church, Joseph Smith ordained several black men to the priesthood. Subsequently, they were asked not to exercise it even though their priesthood was not taken away. I feel that I am in a similar position and even though I may have a priesthood office, I choose not to exercise it at this time.

Long story short, I intend to continue attending Sunday meetings for as long as the church will have me. There are wonderful people and wonderful programs in the church that I would be remiss without.

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