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The Gender Reveal

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Not long after our wedding, my spouse and I were discussing ways to bring up the subject of me being transgender to our friends and family. Both of us had been to “gender reveal” parties and thought, “wouldn’t it be hilarious if we had a gender reveal party for me.?.?.?” Long story short, this is that party and you are cordially invited. By the way, it’s a girl!

Anyone who has seen me in the last few months has undoubtedly noticed the change. A “coming out” isn’t really my style, but I want to publicly acknowledge that it’s happening and let everyone know that it’s okay to talk about. I’m an open book and am happy to share my experiences.

Please feel free to ask me anything and know that this changes nothing in our relationship. I prefer going by Jamee and using female pronouns (she, her, hers) but I won’t be offended if you accidentally use my old name. In fact, I’ve told a few people that the only thing that offends me is when you refer to my Camaro as a Mustang. Ha ha!

This may come as a surprise to a some and be totally expected by others. A few are familiar with what it means to be transgender while I might be the only trans-person many of you may know. Either way, I hope to represent the trans-community with dignity and love. I’ve learned so much that I am eager to share with anyone who will listen.

If you are interested in knowing more, I’ve written my story along with some Q&A that you may find helpful. If it all seems weird, I completely understand. I avoided the topic myself for many years, but the hope is that #LoveWins and that we all judge less and understand more!

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