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What have you learned living as a woman?

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I've learned that I miss having pockets! There is a reason why women carry purses. It genuinely takes women longer to get ready and man-splaining is a real thing so stop doing it. I also miss being strong. A side effect of estrogen is less muscle, a slower metabolism, and a LOT more emotion. When a woman orders a salad or can’t open a jar, it’s for a very real reason. And guys, be patient with your ladies when they cry because they are not the same as you and you wouldn’t want them any other way.

A couple other random questions I’ve been asked:

- Does your wife do your makeup? No way! One of the joys of womanhood is the freedom to play around with makeup and clothing styles. Why would I give that up?

- Do you share clothes with your spouse? Also, no! One might think there would be a certain economy of scale in having two wardrobes but there has to be boundaries. Apart from size differences, there are differences in style and something to be said for personal space.

- Was it hard learning to walk in heels? For me is wasn’t but I’ll admit to having practiced a bit before I transitioned. I love high heels even though I’m already tall and they tend to make me stand out. They remind me to be dainty and beautiful and to strive to be a good reflection of the femininity I feel inside.

- Do you hate wearing a bra? That depends on what time of day it is. First thing in the morning it feels like a hug and I like how it makes my figure look. By the end of the day it's also nice to take it off and slip into pajamas. Not that different from any other article of clothing.

- Can I ask a question? Sure, if there is anything that you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, please use me as a resource. I don’t have all the answers but as a card-carrying member of the LGBT community, I will get you backstage and together we’ll find the answer!

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תגובה אחת

I love this post. Thank you for sharing!

I laughed at the makeup question a little because I learned makeup in drama class and always did my own makeup for the plays. But there's definitely a stigma of gender there.

I recently did my daughter's makeup for a dance competition (and did pretty well if I may say so). The next time, her mother was going to do it, but she wanted daddy to do it again! I was pretty excited.

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