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Which bathroom do you use?

This is tough one. I’ll admit that in the past year, I’ve allowed myself to become dehydrated at times to avoid using a public restroom. About six months ago I was confronted in the men’s room and decided that for my safety, it was time to start using the women’s. However, that feels strange too given the controversy surrounding this issue. Having said that, I have two thoughts: First, trans-people are NOT sexual predators! Most of us are not even able to be sexual if we wanted to and just want to do our business and leave. Second, anyone concerned about predators lurking in the lady’s room posing as transgenders have obviously never used a women’s bathroom. It’s vastly different and far more private than the men’s. I respect that privacy and thank the women who have welcomed me into their bathroom without incident. I promise to return the favor by not leaving the seat up and in fact never raising it in the first place.

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